The polis of Taras looms high and proud over the western Greek states. Like the other Greek colonies it was founded during a period of great land hunger in Mainland Greece, Taras is the most powerful of the city states that migrated westwards to Southern Italy. Whilst leaving their homeland behind the men of Taras retained their Greek culture and there are strong ties between the colonies and their mother states.

They, like their homeland brethren, have a strong hoplite tradition steeped in experience and training. The Western hoplites are every bit as powerful as their mainland counterparts. However the men of Taras are still most capable horsemen incorporating Italian influences, as such the cavalry of Taras is a formidable force more powerful than the average commander expects of Greek cavalry.

Taras is situated in a perfect position to reap the benefits of the many trade routes passing through the Mediterranean. In this way they can supply vast fleets and armies to subdue the northern barbarians and also be ready to mount an invasion towards the east. Being that they are isolated from most nations the men of Taras will have much time to build up their forces and rampage through whichever territory they choose!


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