The people of Balkh (known as Baktria to the Greeks) are a people shrouded in mystery, left out of historical documentation not much is known about these wild warriors. Related to the other Iranian tribes that settled in the Middle East, they were forced to maintain more of their steppe culture due to the harsh and more open terrain that they migrated to. They have recently lost much territory to the Medes who now hold hegemony over much of their previous lands. This renders the peoples of Mada (Media) and Balkh as rivals in the east. However Balkh also has to deal with the Indian power of the far east who may look toward the possessions of Balkh as a rich opportunity for conquest.

Balkh's military maintains a cavalry orientated army but they are still backed up by minor contingents of Sparabara, a practice inherited from their new territory and their rival neighbours. They are also superb Archers being able to draw on superb soldiers from Arachosia and Sogdiana. Their Baktrian horsearchers are strong and swift but are not practiced to the same level as the nomads and as such an early war with the Mazaka should be avoided.

Balkh holds the key to the far east and the riches of India, should it choose to exploit this, Balkh may be able to fund a war machine capable of toppling the great empires of old and establishing the first world empire!


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